Fidel-oppdrett i utlandet (Fidel-breeds abroad)
Fidel Boheme
Lightdream`s Magic Stuff/ S N Ch Fidel Peek A Booh
Brown dwarf exported to Eilsa Ahokas in Finland.

  Fidel Caritella

littersister of Saba Saba and Castro is sold to Carita Lund in Finland and Lorenzo Lazzeri, Italy.

miniature & dwarf
Fidel Saba Saba
littersister of Castro (see below) and
Fidel Upperdog
(Ch NV-10 Fidel Poker Face/ Ch Fidel Fire Up) brown dwarf male are exported to Ulla Balinder in Sweden.
Fidel Castro
(Ch Fidel Lusitano/ Ch NV-07 Fidel Corvette)
Black miniature male has gone to Sanja Valkovic in Croatia.

Fidel Run Over

  E. Momabo`s Run In The Sky u. Ch Fidel Oliven

Min siste export var 12.05.10. Sort  storpuddel hanhund.

My last export was on 12.05.10. A black standard puppy male.

His owner is Viktoria Smelova in Riga, Latvia.

Fidel Corsica

Fidel Corsica

E. Brittuvan`s Blaze u. Ch NV07 Fidel Corvette

Sort mellomtispe exportert til Lida Prokofjeva i Riga, Latvia.

Black miniature bitch exported to Lida Prokofjeva in Riga, Latvia.

Here is Corsica as pup on video. Group 9-show in Riga, being BIS-placed:

S Ch Fidel Taffel Sticks. Eier var Ulla Johansen.

Fidel Boheme                                - brown dwarf to Finland                   Fidel Upperdog                              - brown dwarf male to Sweden.     Fidel Saba Saba                             - black min female to Sweden.         Fidel Castro                                   - black min male to Croatia.             Fidel Run Over                               - black standard male to Latvia         Fidel O Boy A Buy                         - black toy male to Sweden.
Fidel Holy Pinette                           - black toy female to Sweden
J Ch Fidel Zina                               - black toy female to Russia.
Fidel Nicodemus                            - black dwarf male to Finland.
Fidel Corsica                                  - black min. female to Latvia.
Fidel Playing With Fire                    - black toy female to Sweden.
Ch Fidel Napole On Fire                - black toy male to Latvia.
Fidel Magicstar On Fire                  - black toy male to France.
Ch Fidel Sauvage On Fire               - black toy male to Australia.
Int Multi Ch Fidel Berlin                  - black min. male to Latvia.
Fidel Talk Show                             - brown dwarf female to Sweden.
Fidel Pomposity Ethanus                 - brown standard male to USA.
Fidel Rosalita                                  - black min. to Spain.
Fidel Brown Brilliant Rose              - brown dwarf female to Sweden.
Fidel Twinkling Rose                      - black dwarf female to Sweden.
Fidel Gina -Grace                          - black standard female to Switzerland.
Fidel Raisin A Star
                         - black dwarf female to Switzerland.
Fidel Full Of Flower                       - black toy female to Sweden.
S Ch Fidel Taffel Sticks               |  - black dwarf male to Sweden
S Ch Fidel Full Power                      - black toy male to Sweden.
Int Multi Ch WW Fidel Full Fart Mikke - black dwarf male to Italy.
S Ch Fidel Full O`Fantacy               - black dwarf male to Sweden.
Fidel Saturn For Supestar                  - black toy male to Switzerland.
Ch Fidel Rose Marita                        - black min. female to Denmark.

"Brann" Ch Fidel Sauvage On Fire is now in Taiwan.