Adult Show Results (2021 - present)

Kongsberg h.k. 10. oktober

Fidel Winona best and res.cac.
Ch Tixobambixo Kamfer if El-Zanz BOS.
Fidel Funny Talk CAC, Champion and BOS.

Plankevalpen 25/9-21

Multich Fidel St. Petri ble BIS Veteran 4 på Plankevalpens show for valper, juniorer og veteraner. 
Dommer for rasen var Anne Catrine Unelsrød og for BIS Veteran var Laila Westeng. 

NKK Lillehammer 21. august

Fidel Muscat became Norw. Champion and Nordic Veteran Winner 9 years old in a lambclip and still dark brown colour. 
Judge was Frode Jevne. 

NPK SKIEN 1. august

At NPKs show in Skien we got nice results today.

Fidel Robison Crusoe first time out in Open class, cac and championtitle.
Multich Tixobambixo Khamfer of El-Zanz 4. BM and BIS SAR.
Fidel Antoona 1. Juniorclass with CQ.
Fidel Winona 1. Intermediateclass, CQ and 3. BB.
Multich Fidel St. Petri 4. BB and BIS Veteran.
Fidel Muscat res. BIS Veteran.
Honourable debutating judge was Arild Thorvaldsen.

NPK gr. Nordenfjeldske 26, 27. juni

BIS SAR also second day.


NKK Sandefjord 5. juni -21

At Int. Cruftsqualishow we had our first show for a long time.
Our toy Multich Multiwinner triple Toy of the Year FIDEL FACE IF A DEVIL was BOB, and Best Poodle at the show placed 4 in the group. 
Breedjudge Eli-Marie Klepp and Groupjudge Bente Bjerkås.

Our min. Multich twize SAR min. of the Year TIXOBAMBIXO KHAMFER OF EL-ZANZ also became BOB. 😀

Orre Int 30. august

Multich Multiw Fidel Face Of A Devil 
BOB again under the eminent judge Åge Gjetnes.
Big thanks to Laila who took him to the show and handled him so well, and Janne who handled him to the winner in the bm class.

NPK gr. Nordenfjeldske 25. 26. juli

Super weekend at the double poodle speciality in Trøndelag:

Muiltich multiwFIDEL FACE OF A DEVIL - BOB both days and placed 3 and 2 in BIS.
FIDEL ROBINSON CRUSOE Best male with CAC and BIS JUNIOR both days. 

Judges were Arne Foss and Kine Sletnes

Int Tr.heim 27/6 - 20

Ch Fidel Sioux nr 2 bb and Fidel Amy Winehouse nr 3 bb.

Tr.heim Int 27. juni 2020

Successfull start after Corona-time:
At Cruftsqualifying show in Trondeim Nord Ch Fidel Face Of A Devil got his last CACIB and was BOB. 
The min Fidel Amy Winehouse acchieved the CAC and became Norw. Ch.
Her halfsister Nord Ch Fidel Sioux got her last CACIB and will now become Int Ch. 
Judge was Børge Espeland.

10. November

NMHK Letohallen. NW- NordW- NJW- NordJW-18 Fidel Face Of A Devil won cac, became Champion - first chance in Open Class, BOB and BIG 4. Judge was Laurent Heinesche.
«Bowie» will become Norw Swed and Dan Ch.

10. august - Letohallen

HU ES Ch LatinW-19 Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz   won CAC, Norw. Ch. title and BOB under judge Erwin Deutcher. This makes him also Danish and Finnish Ch.

Vejen tripleshow

First day, Nordic. Judge Mikael Nilsson.
N S DK Ch Fidel Sioux .  CAC, BOB 
N DK Ch NordW-18 BENELUXW-18 Fidel Apache . CAC, BOS
N S DK Ch NW-18 NordW-18 Fidel Lipgloss . CAC, BOB

Second day. Int. Judge Charlotte Høyer. 
N DK Ch NordW-18 BENELUXW-18 Fidel Apache . CAC, CACIB, BOS
S DK Ch NW-18 NordW-18 Fidel Lipgloss . CAC, CACIB, BOB
HU Ch LatinW-19 Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz . CAC, CACIB, BOB

Third day. Int. 
S DK Ch NW-18 NordW-18 Fidel Lipgloss . CAC, CACIB, BOS
HU Ch LatinW-19 Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz . CAC, CACIB, BOB
NJW-NordJW-NW- NordW-18 Fidel Face Of A Devil . CAC, CACIB, BOS.

NPK Drammen 2. juni

Fidel Ella Fitzgerald was 2. BB with CAC at the major NPK show. 
Congratulations to owner Solveig, who handled Sioux beautifully in juniorhandling for her first time.😀

NKK Melsomvik 1. juni

Icefly Fidel Almeria was 3. BB with CAC and N. Ch. Judge was Bo Bengtson.


Første dag ble Fidel Amy Winehouse BIM med sitt første cert.
Fidel Funny Alphaville BIR valp begge dager. Gratulerer så mye til eier og handler Siw Thingstad.😀

Letohallen 19. 20. april

NordW-18 BeneluxJW-18 Fidel Apache become Norw. Champion on his first try after 2 years old, and BOS.
Littersister Fidel Sioux did the same, was BOB , won Group 9 and Best in Show! That makes her Norw. and Swed. Champion.

Bø Int & Nordic 11., 12. februar

NJV NordJV NV NordV-18 Fidel Face Of A Devil ble BIR begge dager😀
Hans kullbror Fidel Funny Talk, dverg,  vant cert andre dagen.
Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz CACIB første dag og cert andre dag.
Debutanten Fidel Ella Fitzgerald, cert og  BIR andre dag😀

Lahti 3. februar

Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz was at the big Poodle speciality in Finland and received CAC and BOS. Big thanks and congratulation to co-owner/breeder Eva Helseth that took the long and difficult way to Lahti. Judge was Henrik Hannelius.

Mydog 2019

Fin start på nytt utstillingsår!

NordV-18 NV-18 Fidel Face Of a Devil - cert, CACIB, 2 beste hann, kun slått av BIRvinneren som var Årets Toy i Sverige 2018.
Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz vant sitt svenske CACIB.
Fidel Sioux ble beste tispe med cert og CACIB.
Dommer var Matti Tuominen.

Letohallen 29. desember 2018

BeNeLuxW-18 NordW-18 Fidel Apache BOB.
Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz CAC .
Judge was Michael Camac, Australia.

Valencia 16. desember

Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz won CAC, CACIB and BOB again in Spain.😀

Spania 1. desember

Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz  won CAC   and   BOB at nat. show under judge Sylvie Dresserne.

Malaga Int. 24. november

Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz won CAC, CACIB and BOB!
Judge was Goran Gladic.


Nord W

Fidel Face Of A Devil - Nord CAC, BOB.
N S Ch Fidel Lipgloss - Nord CAC, BOB.
BeNeLuxJW-18 Fidel Apache - Nord CAC, BOS.


NordW-18 NordJW-18 Fidel Face Of A Devil - BOB, shortlisted in Group.

Malaga Int

Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz had his debut in Spain winning CAC, CACIB and BOB. Judge was Goran Gladic.

N Schipperke K Bø 13. oktober

The dwarf  Fidel Funny Talk  had his debut, in short trim, was BOB with CAC.
Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz  also was BOBwith CAC, and Runner Up BIS Junior. Thanks to breedjudge Anne Sume.

Søråker SPK 7. oktober

Icefly Fidel Almeria  was 1. in Open class, 4. in BB and achieved the CAC. Judge was Juha Kares.🙂

Sundsvall Int 6. oktober

N S Ch Fidel Lipgloss  achieved the res. CACIB that goes to CACIB under judge Fredrik Nilsson.:)

NBFK Mjøndalen 29. september

Fidel Bernette    (Ch Fidel Berlin/ Ch Fidel Corvette) was BOBfrom Veteran class, only one with CQ of medium sized at this show. Judge was Bernhard Hong Theng, Singapore.
Gratulerer til eier Liv Stokman.😀

NKK Int Lillehammer 18.8.18

Fidel Face Of A Devil   (toy) wins BOB again!
N S Ch Fidel Lipgloss  (dwarf)  won Champ. class and was res. Best bitch. 
Fidel Sioux  (min.) also made our day by winning CACCACIBand BOB.
Icefly Fidel Almeria  (min.) won Open class3. Best bitchclass with res. CAC.
Judge this day was Martin Jacobssson from Sweeden.

NKK Kr.sand Int. 17. mars

Ch Fidel Lipgloss  was BOS with CACIB

Letohallen 3. 4. mars

First day in Leto at the all-breedshow  Fidel Lipgloss    was BOB and became Champion!
The siblings  Fidel Sioux  with  CAC and BOS,   Fidel Apache CACand BOB.
The toypuppy  Fidel Face of A Devil  BOB, BIG and BIS!
The judge this day was Juha Palosaari.
Second day our toypuppy was BOB, BIG and Runner-up BIS!
Fidel Sioux  won CAC and  BOB 

Mydog 2018 7. januar

Nord RU BLR Balt Ch NW-16 NordW-16 Fidel Funny Face  received her last CACIB for the Int. Championtitle. She was placed second in Winnerclass after the veteran who became Best in Show- Veteran that day. Honourable judge was Svante Frisk.