CH FIDEL BLUEBERRY ICE. (Ch Fidel Zic On Fire/Magicstar Clear As Ice) Liten hann til avl for hvite tisper. PRCD A. Knær u.a. Qrufts-qualified.

Fidel Ice Makes Music. White dwarf, 30 cm. Now for stud in Croatia by co-owner Sanja Valkovic.

Int. No Multi Ch Fidel Berlin. Black min. 44 cm. PRCD- A. HD/AD-free. 12 BIS. Poodle of the Year Latvia 07. Miniature of the Year 08. Father of Champions. Lives in Latvia. Kan komme til Norge.

Multich Fidel Zanzibar. 41 cm. HD A-A. AD 0-0. Knees 0-0. PRCD B.

LatinW-19 Tixobambixo Khamfer Of El-Zanz. Apr. min. 40 cm. HD A-A. Knees 0-0. PRCD A. CACs, CACIBs, BIS SAR.

Fidel Muscat. Brown standard 62 cm. 3 CCs. By Ch Momabo`s Run In thge Sky u. Ch Fidel Oliven. Owner Ann-Brit Thorkildsen.

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