KENNEL FIDEL - 108 Fidel-champions
Top veteran miniature of the Year

Int Nord LV HRW Ch NordW-05 NVW-11-12-13-14-15-16 NordVW-14 FIVW-14 HEVW-14 DVW-14 EUVW-15 FIDEL ARGENTINA  was BOB, 13 years old, at Dogs4all-2016 under poodle expert and respected judge Philip Langdon.

Årets stor Latvia
Multich Fidel Run Over was Standard of the Year in Latvia  2011/12/13 and now in 2016!
Big congratulation to owner/handler/groomer Viktorija Smelova.

Årets Toy Norge
LV EE BLR RU RKF LT Ch NordW-16 NW-16 Fidel Funny Face is Toy of the Year in Norway 2016!

Min of the Year 2015 2016
Miniature of the Year-2015-2016 in Latvia. 
HR Balt Cz N S Ch OgreW-15-16 EUJW-15 CelticW-16 BaltW-16   Fidel Zanzibar
 BOB at Baltic Winnershow. Now Swedish Champion.
He will live in Norway for a while.